Looking to start a small business with and earn a commission of over 100,000 KES per month?

Bulk SMS is the business you need to look for. Webmaster Kenya Bulk SMS offers everyone an opportunity to sell Bulk SMS under our name an get a commission out of the sales you make.

No other company will give you a 30% commission on your sales.

How it works
You visit a client and introduce our services, the startup fee is 100,000 KES this is inclusive of 20,000sms at 2KES per recipient and an 11 letter sender ID worth 10,000 KES. Once the client pays 30% of the amount is paid to you.

How many clients can one get per Month?
You can get as many clients as possible. There are no limits.

Is the startup fee fixed?
No you can put any figure above 100,000 KES depending on whether your client is able to pay.

Who Uses Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS is a marketing tool and can be used by any company or institution for the purpose of marketing or awareness. Examples of this are; schools, hospitals, NGO's, Restaurants, Airlines, Sacco's e.t.c

Friday, November 17, 2017

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